Applique Embroidery services and embroidery file formats terminologies:

There are various variety of embroidery file formats accessible for Digitizer 10000 or Digitizer Pro / MB. Although the embroidery system is under construction, the 10000 digitizer keeps track of each piece of embroidery. Embroidery opus or pieces are called objects. Each object is actually a description of embroidery. It has attributes such as size, color, shape, stitching, design order and value types, and stitching rules.

If you make changes to an object, such as its color or shape, the property description changes. Applique Embroidery design easier than modifying the embroidery design, it is a stitch-based series.

A file that contains the properties of the embroidery object. Each object has a “slot,” so if there are 15 objects in the embroidery design, there will be 15 “slots” in the file. This is the file format used by embroidery during the transition. When you save an embroidery, it is incomplete and you should save it as a .1 or whatever required file name by you so can easily modify it later.

  • Jeff-MemoryCraft as (.Jef) 10000 reads stitch-based files.
  • Sewing -Stitch-based as (.sew) file formats are MemoryCraft 5700, 8000 and 9000 machines.
  • Stitch-based as (.pes) file format Brother and Babylock Embroidery Home Sewing Machine.
  • Stitch-based as (.pec) file format, embroidered by brothers and Babylock home sewing machines.
  • Husqvarna / Viking as (.hus) embroidery home sewing machine with stitch-based file format.
  • pc machine-Pfaff as (.pcs) embroidery home sewing machine using stitch-based file format.
  • Stitch-based as (.csd) file format used by poetry, Huskygram, and singer EU Embroidery Home Sewing Machine.
  • xxx-stitch-based as (.xxx) file format, by the singer embroidery home sewing machine.
  • Tajima as (.dst) commercial embroidery sewing machine used dst-stitch-based file format.
  • Stitch-based as (.exp) file format for embroidery sewing machines.

One of the most special features of the digitizer 10000 program is that it can read any of the stitch-based files listed above and convert them to object-based files. This means that they can be edited and modified quickly and easily. The article is written by the applique embroidery services, for more information please visit our website aplus digitizing.


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